Law of the Incriptus.

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Law of the Incriptus.

Post by Amidii on Fri Jul 10, 2015 11:58 pm

Do not consider this an active piece of the RP just yet.
(Note: These rules are for the roleplay. Breaking one of these rules result in your character being punished, NOT you yourself being punished.)

• One shall not steal from the pack.

• One shall not have outside alliances.

• One shall not attempt to mark a scent on something in camp to claim it as their own.

• One shall not harm another pup or member intentionally. Punishable by exile.

• One shall not kill a pup or member intentionally. Punishable by death.

• One shall not intentionally pollute our drinking source.

• One shall ask to get up to do anything during a pack meeting.

• Given the instance that an Alpha is unavailable, second-in-command falls onto Lead Ranks, unless otherwise stated.

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